Regardless of the industry in which you operate, if it is within an offline premises, you need Pulses Analytics Suite.

Regulatory and Governmental

Our Privacy-First technology offers you endless opportunities to track how your visitors interact, how satisfied they are with your services and pinpoint areas to improve overall satisfaction.

With our offline analytics suite, your team can offer new services and eliminate long queues while offering outstanding customer service every single time.

You are in the business of making things happen for others and we are in the business of supporting you.



Finding great amenities and offering visitors exceptional service is especially tricky when it comes to hospitality. This industry is built on comfort, luxury and a true sense of welcome.

With Pulses, your staff can optimize every corner of your establishment to predict every guest’s need and offer it before it becomes a request.

You can also analyze the traffic flow to see areas of improvement and new services and products to offer.

Analytics Dashboard

Concierge App


Food and Beverage

Between wait times, staffing and scheduling plus new menu items dropping, your life in the F&B sector can’t always be easy.

With Pulses offline analytics and its intuitive privacy first cameras, you can measure and predict everything about your F&B business, schedule our staffing according to traffic and high volume and maintain happy customers and a more productive staff.


Business and Retail

When it comes to retail, Remember that

still do their
shopping offline.

This volume requires the best merchandising, the nicest customer service and the best offers.


Event Management

Managing people is the hardest part of any job, imagine managing thousands of people under the same roof! Between security concerns and offering real entertainment, education or networking opportunities, optimizing the experience of each person could be a challenge.

With our privacy-first non-security cameras and the groundbreaking analytics tool behind it, you can optimize the check in flow to your event, offer refreshments and add-on content wherever the traffic flows and make sure every single visitor lives through a seamless experience.

One Camera,

Unlimited Opportunities.

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