Pulses is a technology company

That runs on innovation, support and, honestly, a bit of fun.

It takes a real tribe to offer industry-standard, AI-powered offline analytics to businesses.

Founded in


Offices in

United Arab Emirates

We work with

Some of the largest conglomerates and corporations in the Middle East across both the public and private sectors.

Leveraging the powerful combination of our

Best-in-class AI built-in Cameras

with our groundbreaking suite of offline analytics dashboard, Pulses offers comprehensive solutions for companies to revolutionize their offline businesses.

The People

Changing the face of retail, //one code line at a time.

We are a group of technology enthusiasts who enjoy challenging each other all the way through revolutionizing Retail through AI powered solutions.

But at heart, we are a family that functions on support, understanding and humor.
We don’t quit, we don’t neglect and we hate shortcuts.

Pulses operates on one simple motto:

We don’t fix it, we optimize it.

Core Values


For optimum innovation, one must keep on learning. Everyday at Pulses, we are either teaching each other or learning from each other.


We support each other and support our customers through everything.

Tech for the win

If there is a hiccup, there is a tech solution for it and we are not going to rest until it is done.

Wellness Matters

Whether it is work time, family time or me-time, it is an important time. We are well above all.

Paying it forward

Through continuous innovation and a focus on things that matter most, we work with our clients to give back to the tech community.

One Camera,

Unlimited Opportunities.

Start Now.

Start Now

No credit card requird

Core Values

Genuine Actions Matter

We believe in transparency and genuinity, every line of code stems from a genuine team focused on impacting real change.