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Your offline visitor traffic isn’t just people count

Are you ready to see beyond # of visits?

Discover unlimited OPtimization Opportunities.

Ananymous Face ID

Privacy centric analytics on each visit, track the journey of each visitor on your premises.


Are your services and products catering to all gender spectrums? Find out how to take it one step further.

Satisfaction Index:

Our AI engines determine the level of
satisfaction of each visitor; factoring in facial
expressions, time spent and other factors.

Age Group

Actionable insights about the age group of each visitor, helping you optimize your offerings the
right way.

Duration of visit:

Not all visits are spent similarly, optimize time spent at your premises through our analytics dashboard.

Why Focus on your Operations?

Because why miss out on real actionable offline analytics that allows you to:

  • Detect

    How humans and objects exist and interact within your vicinity

  • Optimize

    Your Marketing, Sales, Planning and Operations offline.

  • Grow

    Your Revenue and Visibility while minimizing your Cost.

One Camera,
Unlimited Opportunities.

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A plug and play camera with zero installation requirements that offers you a world of opportunities for your offline premises.

With Pulses, no matter your industry, you can have complete actionable offline analytics.

Concierge App

Discover, measure and personalize the experience of your clients and offer them a world of seamless perks.

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Conversion Index App

Discover, measure and personalize the experience of your clients and offer them a world of seamless perks.

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Happiness Index App

Discover, measure and personalize the experience of your clients and offer them a world of seamless perks.

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Check-in App

Greet and sign your staff, your guests or your visitors seamlessly.

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Safety Index App

Measure and act upon the compliance of your visitors and staff when it comes to safety precautions and social distancing.

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Why Pulses?

With Pulses you can see, in real time, how customers, pets, cars and
various other objects exist, move and interact.

Measuring happiness and satisfaction of each human; our technology allows you to map foot traffic and visualize hotspots and neglected services and amenities your customers are missing out on.

Discover a privacy-first technology solution that helps you run,
manage, promote and scale your business.

Why are female shoppers under the age of 30 lingering at a particular stand for longer periods of time?
This is a question you never were able to ask let alone answer.
You can see real time actionable insights about the gender, age bracket, overall visit time and patterns of offline foot traffic not to mention sentiment score of each shopper.
Humans are easy to accept help, initiate purchase and fall in love with a business, brand or service. But there is a little bit of magic involved with understanding, analysing, selling to and retaining your customers.
The Shopper
The Guest
The Visitor
The Strategist
The Resident
The Customer
The Worker
AI powered, compact cameras that are simple to install, use and manage on a daily basis.
The cameras are designed to actually read faces instead of predicting behavioural data while maintaining complete identification privacy of people.
The proprietary technology behind Pulses cameras fosters:
Safe private experiences for your customers while offering you unprecedented insights into what makes a walk-in a lifelong loyal customer.
One Camera to Rule them All
Realtime Insights
Safety Focused
Zero Hassle
Many Apps to utilize
Privacy First
Plug and Play
24/7 Support
By using Pulses you will be able to increase the revenue of your offline premises
Simply because with our actionable insights, all you will have to do is optimise and see your revenue growing in no time.
At a fraction of the cost, Pulses will help you transform your offline premises, increase customer retention and improve sales drastically.
Retail analytics
Happiness index
Safety and protection
Customer journey
Process quality control